WAN means a wide area network, that is, the internet itself. So what is WAN optimization? Here, we can think of optimization as using ergonomics. WAN optimization is the answer to the questions of how things run faster, safer, healthier, and more stable.

To put it more simply, let’s take a bank. While a bank with many ATMs and branches in the country adjusts the optimization at this point, it does not need to do this in ATMs because it needs to make cost calculations while using a line as if a cable was drawn from the branch to the center in the branches. In addition, branches and ATMs choose faster internet so that the communication with the center is stable and fast, they can even use multiple WAN outlets to respond to such customers faster, or branches can communicate from separate WANs if separate ATMs are mobile. As we can see in the example, optimization is a more effective and efficient optimization by predetermining what the user will do and at what level in the systems included in the WAN.

Here are the technical details we will talk about:

  • Security: In some Wan connection systems, security is at the highest level, they are generally like a point-to-point cable, a connection type called metro internet.
  • Speed: Generally, these optimizations occur in large-scale companies and they have very large packets of data. Here, the speed of response to incoming requests, point-to-point communication speed should be considered, and the most ideal speed should be preferred with the most affordable cost.
  • Continuity: These systems should be designed to be 24 hours and not shut down, even a system that will not shut down for any reason other than the breakdown of WAN devices, even if communication devices fail, these devices should be backed up and designed to be activated immediately.

Such systems should always be under the supervision and control of professionals, amateurish attempts should be avoided and the cost should be calculated accordingly. When the wan optimization is done well, the functionality of the system, which will communicate more effectively, will be greatly increased, the margin of error will decrease and at the same time, the problem will be at a high level.

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