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Terrorism and crime incidents, which increase in our country and throughout the world, are carried out by certain people in the society, either planned or unplanned. In order to detect these events before they happen, and to intervene and prevent them afterward, the security forces must have a command of the areas within the city and the region they are responsible for. When we look at the world in general, it is seen that regional security is not provided only by human resources in any city. Today, where closed-circuit camera systems (CCTV) are the favorite of the security industry in terms of production, cost, and application, there are city monitoring systems even in the smallest city. This area is kept under observation and recording 24/7 with cameras talking at street and street intersections. Security cameras used in city security systems transmit their images to monitoring centers via fiber optic cable or wireless transmission. The regional imaging system consists of the continuous transmission and recording of the images taken from these cameras to the center with the CCTV / Video camera placed in the places where the public and traffic are dense and known as the transit route. It is a system that provides important benefits in getting news about the events as soon as possible, determining the size of the event, monitoring the developments live, and acting according to the size of the event in regions where social events are quite intense.


  1. Security benefits of city security systems


  • City security systems have a deterrent effect in preventing smuggling incidents. It ensures that the suspects are identified and caught in the snatching incidents.
  • City security systems ensure that the perpetrators of extortion events are identified and caught.
  • This system allows the perpetrators of looting to be identified and caught.
  • This system enables the detection and capture of the perpetrators of bombing acts.
  • This system helps detect and catch street drug and addictive drug dealers.


  1. The benefits of city security systems in the field of traffic
  • City security systems enable to determine who is at fault in traffic accidents.
  • City security systems help detect traffic light violations and take criminal action.
  • City security systems ensure that the security lane violations are detected and necessary actions are taken.
  • City security camera systems ensure that pedestrian violations are detected and necessary actions are taken.
  • This system helps to detect, catch and penalize illegal crossings on bridges and highways.
  • This system helps to detect speeding violators and to take penalties.
  • This system enables the detection and capture of stolen vehicles and their perpetrators.
  • Street monitoring systems are used to inform the road situation in advance. In this way, busy roads are notified to drivers, preventing further traffic jams.

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