Firewall is briefly a computer defense mechanism hardware. All computers connected to the internet with a network are under the threat of many viruses, malware, and hackers that can infiltrate the computer. A firewall is the hardware that protects the computer from these threats. A firewall builds a wall against malicious software and prevents them from infiltrating the computer via the network. In short, a Firewall is one of the ways to stay safe on the internet. Firewall types, which are hardware-based or software-based, have certain rules within themselves.

A hardware-based Firewall is designed for network systems that need stronger protection. Software-based Firewalls can be used for single network and home computers. In order for Firewall to continue to protect your computer, it must be constantly on and updated when necessary. Passages of certain data over the Internet are also known as packet inputs and outputs.

The firewall constantly checks these packet inputs and outputs. It is called packet filtering that the firewall allows some packets to enter while not allowing others. Another form of Firewall data control is Proxy Service. Firewall in Proxy Service records incoming data, performs a detailed examination, and compares it with other data. If there is a software code marked as malicious in the analyzed data, the package is marked as malicious and the Firewall does not allow this package to enter the system.

Windows Firewall is one of the most used firewall types in the world. The new versions of Windows Firewall, which can be used for free with computers with Windows software, are also quite advanced compared to the past. However, while using Windows Firewall for completely safe internet use, it is useful to support the firewall with an antivirus program.

Although the firewall is an extremely important piece of hardware that makes internet use safe, we see that many people often have questions about “turning off firewalls”. So, if the Firewall is so important, why is there a need to turn off the firewall?

Various firewall hardware, including Windows Firewall, may detect the pages you want to open, the sites you want to download, or various downloads as malware for different reasons.

In this case, the firewall does not allow the operation you want to do. For this reason, internet users may have to turn off the Firewall or change its settings. If you encounter such a situation, you can change your Firewall settings or turn off your firewall for a limited time.


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