Building Management Systems


Building automation and management systems provide control, monitoring and reporting from a single center of various electromechanical systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation systems, generator, hydrophore, VRV- VRF systems , fan coils, VAVs, lighting , parking place CO gas monitoring exhaust control systems. Furthermore, integrating with the other systems such as CCTV (closed circuit television), card pass, fire detection etc., it allows the control of the building from a single center, with minimum personnel and maximum productivity. The buildings need brains which shall wisely control many systems and thousands of data points thereof. INSIDE offers this brain for Building Solutions. We present to the Institutions an integrated approach which integrates the multiple systems in the network on a single platform. Once integrated, the data in such systems are integrated into the systems, and converted into the information controlling the decisions and actions which improve the productivity, comfort and welfare of the residents and owners of the building.