Hotspot and Log Monitoring Solutions for Public and Private Sector Service Buildings

Hotspot is the name of the system that provides the opportunity to use the internet by providing wireless connection to the devices without internet with WI-FI technology. Internet usage takes a big place in our daily life. Nowadays, when we are used to doing most of our work over the internet, public and private sector service buildings provide their employees or customers with easy access to the internet with the hotspot method.

Institutions and private sector servers such as hospitals, schools, private teaching institutions, cafes, large shopping malls share internet usage in the wireless local network. In order to benefit from the public and private sector hotspot local network connection, an incoming SMS or password is entered and an attempt is made. If you have previously been defined to the system, the system will open automatically. With this login and diagnostics, you can join the local network.

In addition to using the internet access system with their wired connections within the institution, public institutions also offer their users the opportunity to access the internet via wireless WI-FI via the wireless Hotspot local network access method.

These accesses can be used for free as well as paid. Free access can also be made available to users by determining a quota to ensure fair use. Whether the public or private sector is obliged to comply with the law on the confidentiality of personal information, as per the Law No. 5651. Every public, institution and private sector can set up their own WIFI access point infrastructure. Since all users receiving service at this access point are defined in the system, when there are security-related problems, it can be easily determined who the abuser or persons are. Generally, medium and large-sized businesses aim to ensure customer satisfaction by making their users use their access passwords during their time in their businesses.

Having a smart phone will be enough for you to benefit from public and private sector service building hotspot internet access. Wireless internet access via WI-FI is economically more advantageous as well as providing greater convenience to public and private sector businesses compared to wired internet access method. The internet is the most needed requirement for institutions and individuals in order to access information, do business and transactions in a shorter time, and use time better. Being aware of this, public and private sector service buildings serve their users with the hotspot method.