Stolen vehicle detection is among the topics that many people are curious about. There are constantly renewed lists of stolen vehicles in the system of the security forces. So how do you find these tools? In this article, you can find the answer to the question of how to detect stolen vehicles.


There is a list of stolen cars that law enforcement regularly updates upon reports of stolen cars. Your vehicle’s license plate is added to this list. This data is loaded into the License Plate Recognition Systems (PTS) database on highways. The system is supported by taking photos of the license plates of the vehicles passing on the highway where PTS is located. If the photos taken by the license plate recognition systems match the license plates in the stolen vehicle list created by the security forces, the PTS notifies it. Thanks to this system, the work of the security forces becomes easier and the vehicle is found faster.


Stolen Vehicle Inquiry

This is a process that is generally used in the purchase of second-hand vehicles. You can inquire from official institutions such as e-devlet in Turkey. It helps to give you information about the vehicle you want to buy. The only thing required to carry out the stolen vehicle inquiry is the license plate information of the vehicle. In this process, it is possible to access all traffic records and whether the vehicle is banned from traffic with the license plate of the vehicle.


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