Smart Home Systems

With Smart Home Systems home automation, you can meet all your needs and realize perfect conditions in your living space with a healthy, protected, smart and appropriate technology.

With Smart Home Systems, it is possible to remotely control and monitor your home when you are not at home, and in case of danger (gas leakage, water overflows, power cuts), it is possible to take control from your pad or phone you use via automatic control units. Technical alarms are in all cases controlled by the central alarm. Since the central alarm has the feature of recognizing technical alarms, it notifies the host through the communication equipment connected to it. Activation of Smart Home Systems automations can be done via the Touch Panel, which uses practical radio controls apart from normal digital controls. It provides maximum convenience for those who prefer to have everything at hand.

It is possible to view all the consumption in your living space (energy, water, natural gas), hot water and energy produced with the equipment to be added to the system, via the Smart Home Systems, Touch Panel. All this information is extremely helpful in preventing waste and improving the usage profile of the hardware. In addition, an evaluation can be made for the amount of economic expenditure by setting a tariff descriptive value.