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How to Detect the Stolen Vehicle?

Stolen vehicle detection is among the topics that many people are curious about. There are constantly renewed lists of stolen vehicles in the system of the security forces. So how do you find these tools? In this article, you can find the answer to the question of how to detect stolen vehicles.   There is […]

What is Firewall, What Does It Do?

Firewall is briefly a computer defense mechanism hardware. All computers connected to the internet with a network are under the threat of many viruses, malware, and hackers that can infiltrate the computer. A firewall is the hardware that protects the computer from these threats. A firewall builds a wall against malicious software and prevents them […]

What is WAN Optimization?

WAN means a wide area network, that is, the internet itself. So what is WAN optimization? Here, we can think of optimization as using ergonomics. WAN optimization is the answer to the questions of how things run faster, safer, healthier, and more stable.   To put it more simply, let’s take a bank. While a […]

Advantages of City and Regional Monitoring Systems

Terrorism and crime incidents, which increase in our country and throughout the world, are carried out by certain people in the society, either planned or unplanned. In order to detect these events before they happen, and to intervene and prevent them afterward, the security forces must have a command of the areas within the city […]