The Nurse Call System is a system based on informing the relevant people in an emergency, thanks to the equipment placed in certain parts of the hospital. In the past, healthcare personnel had to have a simple device called a pager with them for emergency calls. They also carried a cordless telephone for the need to talk. Now they can have both speech and message receiving support using only IP DECT telephony. When an emergency occurs, a message is sent to the DECT phone about where the emergency occurred, thanks to the system integration. At the same time, this is a call in the form of an alarm. It continues to ring until the staff sees it and mutes it, and whether the message has been received or not is reported. In this way, patients are treated as soon as possible, while unnecessary device carrying of healthcare personnel is prevented.


Is Nurse Call System Only For Hospitals?

The places where the system can be installed do not have to be only health institutions, they can be elderly care homes, kindergartens, or even hotels. The nurse call system and IP DECT integration is a useful and effective system that can be recommended to all these institutions.


How Does the Nurse Call System Work?

This system should be located in the patient bed, over-door corridor and toilet call units. In the nurse call system, the integration of the call units in the room and the control room of the hospital is provided. In case of an emergency, the patient can call for help by pressing the button or using the call cord button. This system provides both visual and auditory alarms to the relevant persons and enables them to communicate with the patient immediately. As it will be given on the patient call monitor in the nurse’s room, messages can also be sent to the mobile devices used by the people.


Wireless Call Systems

In this system, call buttons, consisting of three buttons in total and designed with a rope, are used. It has three keys as Emergency – Call and Cancel. It can be attached directly to the wall or mounted with double-sided tapes. It is designed in accordance with all areas that the patient will reach.


Notable Advantages of Nurse Call Systems

  • It speeds up communication between patient and nurse.
  • Thanks to the nurse call panel, the patient is helped immediately.
  • The use of the system is extremely simple and understandable.
  • It is located in places where the patient can easily reach.
  • Since it is an alarm call, it continues until it is stopped.
  • Access to all information is simple thanks to the programs on the computer. (room number, patient information, etc.) The gathered information can be reported.
  • It is affordable and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Although the main installation places are health centers, they can also be installed in kindergartens and nursing homes upon request.


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